Department of Public Works

Rob Coffman

DPW Superintendent

Adam Wood

Equipment / Water System Operator

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of Village properties and equipment, public streets, parks, and the water system. The Department of Public Works is also charged with mowing municipal property, street and sidewalk maintenance and snow removal. The Department of Public Works also carries out a number of other tasks necessary to the efficient operation of the Village.


Snow Removal on Streets and Sidewalks

During the snow season, we ask for your patience and cooperation regarding snow removal. It is our goal to remove it as quickly and as safely as possible.


Our first priority is to open major and local streets. This can be accomplished more efficiently if vehicles are not parked along the street. Whenever possible, please park your vehicle off the street during winter months. Once the snow has been removed from public streets, the DPW will clear public sidewalks of snow. Please be sure that your vehicles are not blocking the sidewalks.

Standard Constructions Requirements

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